Property purchase support

Purchase support

Help to buy property in Spain

Buying property in Spain can be a complex process. We can imagine that you also have a lot of questions before deciding. Immodelux is not only your broker, but also provide purchasing guidance. We take you throughout the entire process and work together to ensure that you can safely buy your dream home.

What is your budget?

Based on your budget, we can inform you what the possibilities are and for you to find the most suitable property.

Consider VAT, registration fees, a lawyer / gestor, notary …. All these things we calculate it in the purchase (and we will guide you), so you can buy without worry and do not buy a pig in a poke.

Guidance from A to Z

Once we have discussed together you are looking for, we offer several options that are according to your needs and budget. If you are interested in a particular property or properties, we offer a VIP package to Spain to see this and possibly other properties to the spot.

You book your flight and back again, we take care of your stay, transport and support during this three-day visit. The accommodation will be taken to our account at a possible purchase of a home.

Once together we found a suitable property, we must make reservations as soon as possible with the final pricing. Previously booked and issued. The reservatiesom is usually between 3,000 and 6,000 euros, depending on the vendor and the purchase price of the property. Only when the amount in the account, the property can be considered as reserved.

The booking period is usually one month (can be extended if the investigation process or arranging paperwork takes longer). This gives the gestor time all research work to be done to the legality of the property. We guide you seen, everything is set correctly in the entire process, so that nothing is overlooked and you can sign the deed without worry.

In any irregularities, they are still entitled to put or you can cancel the purchase.

Is everything all right, we make an appointment for the deed. You will receive the keys and may finally the proud owner of the new property.

We’ll help you any further with any relocation, equipment, renovation, Internet, TV, rental, …

Sales contract

Once all items have been checked, investigated and put his right, sets the gestor of the purchase contract. In this phase, an average of 30 to 40% transferred to the developer in case of new construction and 10% in an existing home. The developer must provide a bank guarantee by law for each disc he receives. This is similar to the Law Breyne in Belgium. If you buy land first and then built a house, the process is similar to the Belgian process: first buy the land. This is done via a notarial deed and then pay the contractor whenever there is a phased phase. You will never pay more than what has already been built.

The purchase contract (similar to the compromise in Belgium) contains all data of the buyer and seller, the description of the property to sell, the payment method, including an exact date or the ultimate date by which the deed must be served.

In case you as the buyer after signing the purchase agreement, the sale would not let go, then you lose the amount already paid. The purchase contract is very binding for both parties.

The deed (escritura) usually occurs within 3 months of the contract. Everything depends on the type of property you buy and it may or may not need a mortgage.

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Contact us and we would love to help you find your dream home, sell your house or with other real estate services at the Costa Blanca!

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