After sales

After sales

Our services do not stop after you have found your dream home. We assist you is to everything in order and you can enjoy a drink in the sun without worry.

Application NIE, tax returns, insurance policies, monitoring outstanding debts
For these important issues, we work with a gestor (administration office) that will guide you in this. The tax returns are handled for you.

Close mortgage
We are in touch with a local bank that employs specialized mortgage brokers. We bring you in contact with them so that you can shut down the best mortgage.

Moving – equipment – Internet – TV connection
We help you here too happy with orders, help with shopping, receipt of supplies, connectors, …

Rent – maintenance garden or pool
We love to bring you in contact with our partners, we have experience with and know that they offer the same service and values ​​as ourselves. You can still choose freely whether to continue them want to work or not.

Would you still doing some renovations, painting or other items, we can help you with this and no-obligation quotes and provide any follow-up of the work, in your absence.

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