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Sales support for selling property

We offer you full guidance to realize the sale of your home, through advertisements, marketing and correct pricing. All steps of the sales process are done in consultation with you as a customer.

1. Internet – website – advertising

Your property is placed on our website, which is visited daily by several potential buyers. It is also placed on several websites in the Netherlands and abroad to immediately notify buyers who are looking for a second residence or permanent residence and thus significantly increase the sales opportunities.

We advertise in various magazines, social media and other channels, so that we can offer your property visually for a smooth sale.

2. Potential buyers

We have a large database of potential buyers who are looking for a property in the region. By means of periodic mailings we keep these buyers informed of new properties that we can offer, so that we can immediately increase the sales opportunities.

3. Unique purchase guidance

We also work with real estate offices in the Netherlands and abroad, who offer our properties to their potential buyers. These potential buyers have the opportunity to come here and visit the properties in which they are interested for a few days under our guidance.
We provide them with the combination of accommodation, visits and regional exploration, so that they too can buy the right home in perfect conditions.
These buyers have already received all the information in their country from their regional real estate agent that we work with, so that they are optimally received and can find their home here. We take care of the perfect match between buyer and seller.

4. Photos of high quality

We work with professional photo reports of the home to give potential buyers an even better view of the home.

5. Pricing

We make a correct price determination of your home and take all important items into account in order to determine the correct price, so that you can sell the home at the right price. We take into account ground surface, built surface, finish, sea view, age, number of rooms, prices in the surrounding area and so much more.

6. Communication

We will provide you with a full update on a regular basis of the number of visits that have been, as well as the reactions of the potential buyers and discuss this with you, so that we can make the sale successful in consultation with you.

7. Sale to key transfer

If the property has been sold, we ensure that the transfer is handled properly and that all necessary administration is done, such as inspections, Suma, preparation at the notary for signing the deed, registration, obtaining a possible mortgage loan for the buyers, so that everything can run smoothly and you don’t have to worry about anything.

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