Sales support

Sales support for selling property

We offer professional guidance to realise the sale of your property, through pricing, professional photos, possibly supplemented by drone, advertising and marketing. 

All the steps of the sales process are done in consultation with the client.

1. Internet - website - advertising

Your property is placed on our website, which is visited daily by several potential buyers.

It is also placed on several websites, weekly magazines and social media to reach the maximum number of potential buyers.

2. Potential buyers

We have a large database of more than 1,000 potential buyers looking for a property in the region, who are contacted to offer your property and who are looking for a property like yours.

3. Unique purchase assistance

Potential buyers have the chance to come here and visit the properties they are interested in for a few days under our guidance. 

As the only real estate agent, we offer them the chance to stay in a spacious flat attached to our office, so we can help the prospective buyers very closely and we make it very easy for the buyer to come here.

We provide them the combination of accommodation, visits and region exploration, so that they too can buy the right property in perfect conditions.

These buyers have already had consultations with us about the properties and been given all the information in their country by us, so they are welcomed in the best possible way and can find their home here. 

The perfect match between buyer and seller, we make sure of that.

4. High-quality photos

We work with professional photo reports of the property to give potential buyers an even better view of the property. 

In some cases, a drone report (film and aerial photos) of a property can also be taken.

5. Pricing

We make a correct valuation of your property, taking into account all important items to arrive at this valuation, so that you can sell the property at the right price. 

Land area, built-up area, finishes, sea views, age, number of rooms, prices in the surrounding area and so much more are taken into account.

6. Communication with seller

We give you a full update on a regular basis of the number of visits that have taken place, as well as the reactions of the potential buyers, and consult with you on this, so that in consultation with you we can make the sale a success.

7. Sale to key transfer

Once the property has been sold, we take care of the transfer process and ensure that all the necessary administration is done, such as inspections, SUMA, preparation at the notary's office for signing the deed, registration, etc.

You don't have to worry about anything.

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